Bub & Bub (meet the authors)

Tanya Bub wanted to go to art school but her dad Jeff (see below) made her get a degree in philosophy of science from McGill instead, because it would be more practical (he doesn't get out much), after which point she had the training to formulate a bullet-proof argument for going to art school, which she did. Upon graduating from Emily Carr School of fine Arts she founded 48th Ave Productions, a web development company specializing in database-driven custom content management systems, websites and interactive online games and applications, just to throw everyone off. She wrote this book with her dad to prove that you don't need a PhD to not understand quantum mechanics. She has two great kids, a great husband and a free range chameleon that mostly stays on its tree.

Jeff Bub, Tanya's dad but also a distinguished University Professor at the University of Maryland, who studied physics with David Bohm and dabbled in philosophy with Karl Popper and Imre Lakatos, who wrote numerous articles in scientific and scholarly journals on the conceptual foundations of quantum mechanics as well as three really hard books (one of which won him the prestigious Lakatos Award in 1998, by the way), which were thoroughly enjoyed by some very scholarly persons, has now had a few drinks and is ready to tell you what he really thinks about quantum mechanics, and to heck with the consequences! He loves dogs of all sorts and fooling around on the piano. Mostly jazz.