Einstein & the Incompleteness of QM

Einstein as a Delivery Truck Driver?

Totally Random casts Einstein as a delivery truck driver who refuses to allow our protagonists to ignore the devastating consequences of the quoin correlation for the nature of reality. Einstein points out that the correlation can't be reconciled with the idea of a reality in space and time free from what he called "spooky action at a distance". He would rather give up being a physicist than accept such an unreasonable picture of reality. What the quoin correlation is telling us, says Einstein, is that our story of the quoins (and quantum theory) is incomplete.


The words spoken by Totally Random's Einstein are mostly quotes (adapted to refer to quoins instead of quantum particles) taken from several sources. Several quotes are from the ground-breaking 1935 publication by Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen (EPR) where the authors pointed out some of the puzzling features of quantum entanglement. The EPR paper was pretty much ignored by the physics community until almost thirty years later, when John Bell's 1964 paper brought out the full significance of entanglement. Most physicists accepted Niels Bohr's critique of the EPR paper and took the attitude: "If it's good enough for Bohr, it's good enough for me!"