Everett & Many Worlds

Many Worlds as a Literal Interpretation of QM

Hugh Everett proposed something really revolutionary. What if we were to accept that quantum mechanics provides a literal description of our world? This approach lead Everett to suppose that the world actually branches off into myriads of copies of itself such that all quantum mechanical predictions are true! This idea, which was initially slow to take hold and was met with derision from the Bohr camp, has become a widely-held position within the physics community known as the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics.


Totally Random presents Hugh Everett, the father of the many-worlds interpretation, as a carnival stand attendant who operates a machine that makes quoin mechanics actual by splitting the universe into two copies of itself each time the quoins are tossed. Who could believe in such a far-fetched idea? Be careful or you may just find yourself succumbing to the seductive logic of his (many) world view.

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