Quantum Teleportation & Future Technologies

Is teleportation possible?

In a word, yes! Quantum teleportation is a reality and takes place at various physics labs around the world. However, it doesn't (yet?) look like the kind of teleportation that we see in science fiction movies. Current teleportation involves using entanglement to replicate the state of a particle at a remote location, while necessarily altering the state of the original particle. Completing the teleportation involves transmitting information from the original to the remote location the old-fashioned way, in other words in the form of a signal that doesn't exceed the speed of light.

Totally Random takes you, step by step, through the real-world teleportation protocol so that you can see exactly how it works. Use a device to set the state of a quoin and then recreate that state (or its opposite state) in another remote quoin instantaneously. A single transmitted bit of information is all that's needed to finish the job!

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