Ruling Out Signaling

A Signaling Loophole?

What if particles could exchange information about how they are being measured and how they respond to measurements? That would indeed provide a solution to the mystery of the entanglement.


Several real-life experiments were conducted to rule out this signaling loophole. How? Entangled particles were separated at a distance that would require any signal traveling between them to exceed the speed of light in order to reach the other in time to affect the outcome of a measurement. The results? The entanglement correlations were preserved despite the fact the there was no possibility that the particles could be communicating with each another.


Totally Random plays out what would be involved in ruling out signaling as an explanation for the quoins' coordinated landings. Are you ready for a trip into space with a million or so quoins? Will preventing signals from passing between quoins disrupt their correlation thereby providing a causal explanation for entanglement? Head to the departure gate to see for yourself!