"What a delight! Totally Random explores some of the strangest features of quantum theory--and introduces some of the most important new devices that exploit quantum weirdness--in a way that is accessible, smart, and funny. An entanglement page-turner!"--David Kaiser, author of How the Hippies Saved Physics

"As the author of a massive textbook on quantum field theory, I am unusually qualified to say that I do not understand that which nobody understands, as per Feynman. Yet Totally Random, with its clever presentation tinged with sly humor, has enabled me to see more clearly the cloud of my incomprehension."--A. Zee, author of On Gravity: A Brief Tour of a Weighty Subject

"Lovely. Totally Random provides a better introduction to quantum mechanics than any textbook I’'ve seen."--Simon DeDeo, Carnegie Mellon University and the Santa Fe Institute

"A highly original approach to a very serious and difficult subject."--Nicolas Gisin, University of Geneva, author of Quantum Chance: Nonlocality, Teleportation and Other Quantum Marvels.

"This book actually explains rather than just reports the key feature of quantum mechanics to a general audience. There is really nothing that compares to Totally Random."--Michel Janssen, University of Minnesota